I want


Porsche 960.


Zenvo TSR - S


That is pretty :heart_eyes:




It is, but Claire would kerb those sticky out spokey alloys in about 3 nanoseconds.

The McLaren is a looker too.


That is bang on the money.


I’m mostly waiting to see what Koenigsegg produce to replace the Agera line. I imagine it will be all kinds of bonkers.


Clever gadgets on the new Veedub Arteon…


You upgrading?


No. Toys on the VW are good though.


Unfortunately, they come attached to a VW…


I would like those driving assists for my commute.
In 3 or 4 years that will be a good used buy.


It will be a nightmare to get fixed when it goes wrong. As the ex-owner driver of a few VWs, they are not reliable or interesting to drive.


I have had 4 different pisshats. They were utterly shit with to drive with any vigour and they screwed up my back.
Still, setting aside personal prejudice I am sure its a nice car for commuting. Tech going wrong is something we’re going to have to live with, all cars will have this in the next few years.


Lol, you drive a Merc!


Keep up, it’s Volvo V60


Oh… even less interesting then. :joy:


Keeping up with a V60 generally isn’t a problem.


Not a car, but betterer. I want…


Very nice, but not great for nipping down to the shop for a pie.