I want


Too many pies and access/egress becomes difficult…


Coming from the one person here who could actually need to use a plane to pop to the shops!


arteon - cheap… I just ‘configuratored’ one with all the toys - came to nearly 50 grand! in what world is that fucking cheap? I can get a kia with more toys, that’s faster and more fun to drive with a 7 year warrant, that arguably looks better for 10 grand less. (if i was that way inclined - which i may be i’m not sure yet)
ffs 50k that’s a decent spec mustang!


It’s a cockpit only - One can only virtually go shopping in it.


Again, not cars. But a two seat Spit would be nice for xmas… Fellow doesn’t seem to have a head for heights!


I walk past these every other week on the way to the ground. The TVR used to be in a slightly different position on the drive every so often but now it seems like the owner has given up. Shame. I know they’ve never had the best rep for reliability but it looked lovely once upon a time.
The BMW is someone’s pride and joy. I’ve been walking past it on match days for years. Bet it’s lovely on the motorway.


It’s hearing aid beige and it has a brown vinyl roof. Honestly, what more could you possibly want?


Champagne beige, lol.


Love it :heart_eyes:

Exactly what the discerning man about Luton needs.




“The seating is immensely comfortable and the sales literature still with the car claims the driver’s seat adjusts to 240 positions.”


If we’re talking rubbish 70s cars in hideous colours, I’d rather have this that I spotted outside Beaulieu Garage yesterday…


Horrid colour. Stag = moneypit and not ‘cool’


Nup, far prefer My Princess



Nah sorry, Stags are cool.

Shit, but cool!




Run away, run as fast as you can and don’t look back.


Sage advice but I still want one and this one looks lovely. Good job I can’t afford it.


Watch out for the puddle of oil though