I want


Massive shame they were shit at actually making cars work.


The advert text says 42k miles but the photo of the dash says 68,913 :laughing:


Probably 42K since the engine needed replacing.


No I just noticed the speedo is kms/hour, so the odo must also be kms…probably an import


There is a little button you press to swap from miles to kilometres.


On that era of alfa that is done through the computer. If it still works. On my 156 the display failed so you were mostly guessing what you were trying to do when trying to change settings.


You had a 156? You’re the same you and me :grin:




Fuck! I am a doofus :disappointed_relieved:



Now tell us something we didn’t know :laughing:


This one…


Check out the pictures (and the price) - wow.



I want a 2CV in yellow with sun roof. Goes up on two wheels when you corner too fast :laughing:


I had 2 x 2cv’s and could never get 2 wheels of the ground.


Drove a friends quite often, couldn’t get the wheels off the floor but it used to lean over so hard that the door handles almost scraped off the road :grin:


Yup, my first and only ride in a 2CV was pretty much this, my drama teacher gave me and my mate a lift to school one morning…he didn’t back off or brake for any corners or roundabouts…



That is the MO for these cars, it takes so long to get up to speed it’s best not to slow down unless it was critical.

We had one for three years after straight swop for a damaged Triumph GT6 It was great fun to drive.
Workable in the snow plus you could take the rear seats out when picnicking.


Mode of transport for a lot of my teenage travels…love them


Beautiful classic Mazzer and Aston…