I want


What’s the maroon coloured one to the right in the Aston pic?


It has an Aston Martin badge.


Aston Martin DBS Ogle Design.



Front looks good. Back looks shit.




It’s not a car, but I sooooo want one of these



Blimey, that’s some money.




You will need to be less than 6ft tall, otherwise the roof lining is what you see.


2019 BMW 8 series.


You’ll probably need to get it remapped tho :thinking:


That’s because he would buy the 1.5d and then complain about a lack of power. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Magnificent. It’s a pity they’ve watered the brand down so much by releasing so many models, some of which look horrendous (GT, X6 and others).


Ooo, I like that.


I took a bad photo of one at the stealer’s. This one’s a bit of a boring colour.


It kinda looks a bit chubby to me :slight_smile:


It’s a really poor photo. They’ve sharpened it up a lot compared to the 6-series it’s replacing.


The back looks like the 4 series GT, which is not good.


It does look like an updated 6 rather than a behemoth 8.