I want


Indeed. You can have the same engine in a Dodge Charger, which makes far more sense.


Chelsea tractor.


This is a Chelsea Tractor.


Looks like a Lego kit


The London Mayor would have a fit over the emissions on that.


The old mayor would have put a water cannon on it


Lamborghini SM-002. :heart_eyes:
£240,000 for a 1990 model.


I got a reconditioned pure 280 from Halfords a few years ago. Bluetooth dab etc £89 and another £20 for the aerial






When US Troops found Uday Hussein’s LM002 in Baghdad they had no idea what it was or how much it was worth - so they used it for target practice. With a tank. :sob:


Any 4wd not used regularly off road is a Chelsea tractor. They should be banned and only sold to those with true need. If you have a family buy a large car or Estate, you don’t need a 3 ton cunt mobile.

Most can’t even cope with off road (e.g. BMW X5).


Fortunately you’re not in charge of anything (possibly dinner) and not in any position to tell anybody else what they can and can’t have based on your own prejudices :kissing_heart:


If ever there is an AA company car…
(Although whether that would refer to the car or driver?) :thinking:


That’s cheap.


How much did you sell yours for Dave?




How long ago was that?



This could almost make me go diesel…