I want


Can’t say I actually want it as it’s totally wrong for the UK.
But bloody hell, how cool is this. 1000hp.


I was looking round the showroom while I was getting my XF serviced and took a fancy to this XE Project 8.


Capri trailer doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going! :laughing:


Someone with too much time on their hands.


Nice colour. Was so disappointed when Jaguar released the XE. So dull, a real missed opportunity.


Just the thing for Lopwell


Currently for sale a few miles from me;

A 1957 Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster. One of 3 right hand drive cars ever made. There are some downsides- it’s not terribly fast by 2019 standards and yet needs racing car levels of maintenance thanks to the engine. That and it costs, as near as makes no difference a million pounds. I don’t care though- as fifties exotica goes, it’s right up there.


And at the opposite end of the Porsche spectrum:


Liberace’s Porker?


That is absolutely minging.


Yup. Not surprised that @edd9000 seems to like it :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh? How’d you figure that out?


For me, you don’t look at an XE and think it’s a Jag, or anything different from the mainstream. It could easily be a Mazda 6 or Insignia. Needs to be far more distinctive to set it apart from the herd.


Plain-Jane exterior
Prosaic interiors
Dull as ditchwater engines.

Completely anonymous.


Well, I would disagree with all of those personally - I think it’s a good looking car and the red and black leather interior on Mrs, B’s model is superb, although you have to remember to specify the grey roof lining and not the black. Also, you did forget “utterly shit stereo”.

However, on the flip side, it handles better than a BMW 3-Series and is a very pleasant, comfortable and quiet place to be on the motorway. The manual gearbox is a delightful thing, too.


Jesus, will you stop getting all excited about my car will you!


A Jag should be automatic.


Indeed. Manual in a Jag is just all manner of rong.


Looks are entirely subjective of course, but I also think they ruined the current XF. They took what was an interesting and very viable alternative to the Germans and added extra blandness. That looks anonymous too.