I want


Back in the 70s I used to ferry a manual V12 Xjs from Stratford on Avon to Ruislip, nothing I drove before or since felt so wrong.


ANY trip to Ruislip is full of Rong.


Not for @Kevin though - it would just be two more keys to lose :laughing:


Normally, I would agree, buit if you’ve ever tried an XE R-Sport 2.0D with the 8 speed automatic, you’d know that the manual is the ONLY one to have!


Jags should also not have 2L Diesel engines. :sob::sob::sob:




Alright, grandad. You also shouldn’t be able to buy an AMG-badged Mercedes or an M-badged BMW with a 2 litre tractor engine but you can.

In her defence, they hadn’t released the SV Project 8 when she was buying, which she’d much rather have. Then again, it might be slightly above her company car allowance anyway…


So are you saying she has a manual 2 litre diseasel Jag?

That she chose? :exploding_head:


Yes. Her shortlist and conclusions went a bit like this:

  • 3 Series: just had one. Don’t want another straightaway.
  • C-Class: had one before 3 series. Thought latest one was ugly.
  • Audi A4: she hates Audis
  • Ford Mondeo: fat lard arse
  • Vauxhall Insignia: world’s most uncomfortable seats
  • Lexus IS: No. Just no

That left the Jag, which we both liked the look of. She borrowed one for a weekend and we both really liked it. The only exceptions were the hilariously bad autobox, the coffin-like gloom of the interior and the epically shit stereo.

These problems were attended to by specifying a manual gearbox (she doesn’t like autos anyway to be fair), de-selecting the privacy glass and opting for grey roof lining. She also went for the first level upgrade Meridian stereo but that was a waste of money as it’s still shit.


I used to work at West Ruislip

Another great story from my new biography due out in August


It’s made by Meridian, what were you expecting?



The Lido was nice.


The same level of high quality I’m used to from their hi-fi systems. Hell, I’d have settled for something that vaguely resembles bass as a starting point.


I don’t disagree with the reasoning. But a manual diseasel jag :weary:


Manual diesel anything = nearly always shit.

Fitting 7 and 8 speed autos to diesel engines with lots to torque clearly highlights all thats wrong with the current way cars are taxed. 5 long gears in a smooth auto is all thats required.


I don’t know. The old Setra S215HD with the six speed box seemed quite nice. But then it did have a 15 litre V8 turbodiseasel, I suppose.


Hyundai i40 1.7CRD estate. Manual. Very nice to drive. With one of those inline gizmo boxes to remap does high 60 + mpg ave. over lots of miles.
I wouldn’t want my lardy brick with a manual box. Select D and let its 8 speed autobox do its thing as designed.


Claire came home from work today and asked if I liked this:

I have no idea where that came from, she isn’t normally bothered about cars at all.

I didn’t know that I wanted a resto mod 1959 Chevy pick up, but I bloody well do now…:heart_eyes:


That wouls look lovely driving round the area where you live *

*as long as you live in Alabama, Ketucky or Louisianna.