I want


Don’t care. It would have to have a musical, but not offensive exhaust system and a decent sound system so I could play Nirvana and Hüsker Dü very loudly indeed.

I found one with 780 hp for only $26k…


Love those pick ups but hate the fully restored and blinged up wheels look. Much nicer when they’re ‘weathered’


My local plumber drives one of these as his company truck - :heart_eyes:



Rat Rods :face_with_monocle:


Nope. The technical term for those is ‘derelict’- largely stock but weathered appearance with fully functional powertrain and (usually) interior. ‘Rat look’ stuff features much more in the way of exterior customisation and frequently, their distressed look is applied rather than naturally obtained.




Did you just describe Terry?


Only if you believe him to be fully functional.


Fair point!


I have a very unusual interior after one of Pete’s chillies :no_mouth:


BTW - cunts :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You took your time getting to that!


I want the radial engined beatle.




This will be your motor in a couple of years. :wink:


Some of us work for a living :smirk:


1951 Nash-Healey LeMans.

The 1952 Pininfarina re-style is nice too, but the first year has that certain je n’ais se quoi for me.



Quite fancy one of these in the back garden.


And who wouldn’t want a limousine that looks like a 1980’s Volvo? :smiley: