I want


Can’t beat a 27 litre tank/plane engine, I think he had to use an auto bus gearbox to handle the torque.


And a step up ratio to make it go more than 50mph.


I’d forgotten that.


Rolls Royce apparently (see Ugly Car thread)


Having owned a Mini 1000 and driven a performance 1.4 Supercharged Mk1 Mini, would like one of these :+1:




I’ve been a passenger in a VTEC conversion, and they are rapid!

Over here they usually extend the front of the car by about 3-4" to fit everything in, or use a clubman front, or cut the front off and use a space frame and a fibreglass flip front or summat.

It was impressive, but I’m a bit of a purist and like an A series in the mini, and just tuned/modded etc.

I really miss mine!


I’m not a fan of putting a foreign engine in a British classic. It can get out of hand.


Me at some track day somewhere…

It had all the right bits underneath, but appeared to be a standard Sportspack on the top :slight_smile:


I was about to use “cut and paste” but couldn’t be bothered.




The 4 spotlights were pretty standard even if they weren’t hooked up. :sunglasses:







You need a haircut young man.



The new ATS GT supercar.


The shape of perfection! :heart_eyes: