I want


Nice work experience - mine consisted of making tea and filing


What model is that?


Bit of an unfortunate number plate.

Praps @Jim could get the plate for his bimmer…?


DB 5 Zagato.


Very nice.


That might just be some of the best lines I’ve seen on a car. Beautiful.


Zagato have designed some beauties over the years. But they have also had some howlers. My fave howler is…


It gets worse


I know. I saw a bunch of hard tops and convertibles racing, yes, racing around the streets of Monaco on a particular weekend in May.


Greatest race car ever IMO.







Whenever I see A Gulf Porker I always think of Steve McQueen


Totally predictable I, but one of these would be lovely thanks.


The 917 sounds better than any hi-fi…

To think these cars were pulling the best part of 240mph on the Mulsanne Straight in 1970, with the driver’s feet just a few inches behind the nose cone. #gloriousdeathtrap


Showing my age, I have a similar bonor for the Gulf GT40s…

I’d love to get a pair of Heco Direkts refinished in this colour scheme :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Yep, their racers share the road cars’ reputation for “reliability” too…



To be fair to Mazda, the 787B did manage to win at Le Mans. That prototype that caught fire however…


Do they do custom paint jobs? Be damn fucking cool if they did :pray:


This is why you’ll always be a lightweight - you let the facts get in the way of being a cunt…


Nup, the cases would have to go to a paint shop for a custom job, few hundred quid on top of the two to nine grand depending on model ain’t such a biggy.


It would be worth every penny. You should have a word with them :grinning: