I want



Bizzarrini cars from the 60’s


I think its a Ford V6 ecoboost.


What’ve you been smoking? :worried:


The Craic. :grinning:


Pah, heathen!

It’s sex on wheels.


Saw the new 8-series out on the road yesterday. Fantastic looking car.

It was the blue colour from the main page here . Excellent colour.


I agree. In the flesh, I think it’s the best looking BMW for several years.


A spotted one yesterday on the M1, agree, it looks great :+1:


The blue one looks a lot better than the dark grey one I papped at the dealer.

They’ve taken what is a big, tubby GT and made it very sharp and dynamic looking.

I wonder if I can get that colour on the next 3-series I will inevitably end up with :smiley:


Hurry up and get your order in for the M850i, only 10 available for the UK :smile:


Thought you were looking at R8’s :sob:


Seen a few and it’s horrible. Looks like a 6 year old designed it. The rear is particularly bad.


LOL, not looking at these. They won’t be in price range for 3-4 years minimum.


Happily, the 3 interior is near identical to the 8, so you’ll easily convnice yourself


He needs a Panamera.


Yay - we agree :smiley:

Here’s a nice one, low miles, has all the bits and the paintwork looks fantastic :heart_eyes:


Only the chrono pack, not the window button chrome pack though, I’d want a discount…





Three main reveals from the Geneva motor show so far:

Koenigsegg Jesko - wank name, insane rear wing and diffuser:

One off Bugatti based on the Chiron. Reputed price tag of £12m:

And the Pininfarina Battista - 1,900bhp EV: