I want


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that interior - perfect for a certain plumber :rofl:


1970s Merc C class beaten almost to death with an ugly stick? Then given to BL for a new interior?


orange velour!! ace - but that front grill - uglier than an ugly thing…


No, strawberry blonde!!




Oh yes. Oh yes indeed.

Just shown Mrs. B (who likes an Aston) and she made suitable noises of approval.


I’m not keen on those wheels. Apart from not liking the look of them they actually look a bit too big imo.


The wheels are to distract you from the black fish lips surrounding the grille :man_shrugging:t3:


It looks like a bone, a fish or an old telephone handset or indeed some rejected proposal for the Batmobile in a 90’s version of the film. Horrible. Aston have made some beautiful cars but this isn’t one of them.



Bob once again entirely misses the point of a thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I only do it to keep you amused. :rofl:



Haha, brilliant.


looks better than that Toyota thing…


Job offer incoming - Head of Design for Audi.


I was thinking of Aston. I’ve loads of newer Batman comics & everything.


Is it a hybrid?


A mini? Looks like 12" wheels


First design meeting at Audi:

Audi CEO: “So let me introduce you to our new Head of Design, who’s going to give us a glimpse into the exciting new concepts for our next generation of cars”

@murrayjohnson “Thankyou, yes its called ‘cars for cunts’…”