I want


They’d yawn & say Been there, done that.


I dunno - it’s got an “engine” at both ends, which is a bit different :smile:


10" rims please :slight_smile:


Mosler TwinStar


Did you know about that car or did you google “car with engine at both ends”? If you googled it, be careful - you’ll have Pete on your case for goggling shite. :laughing:


I knew about it.



The 2CV Sahara 4x4. Two engines, synchronized by a cable between the carburettors. Two gearboxes, linked by a solid rod. Genius! It didn’t catch on, but surviving examples are quite spendy now.




Is that the car that beat a few modern SUV up some very slippery hills?


I wouldn’t be surprised. TBH a standard FWD 2CV has more off-road capability than something like an X5. Back in the 1970s we used to visit my Mum’s school pen friend, who was married to a French farmer. He had a fleet of 2CVs and Meharis which were used as go-anywhere farm transport. I still remember piling straight across a ploughed field at full tilt in a Mehari.


We had a one - it was great in the snow.


I have been through a big hedge in one with a 3ft drop the other side, as the driver failed to make a 90 degree bend at 40mph. Not the best experience. Drove the car out the front gate of the house, no real damage.


There’s a steep hill not far from me and 10 or so years ago, when we had much snow, a number of 4x4s (Land Rovers, Discos, etc.) were all stranded at various angles up and down the hill. It was quite amusing watching the owners struggling to move their cars. But even funnier seeing the look on their faces when a 2CV came up the hill with no bother.