I want


Dream Car:


If someone wants it done - I will get it done :+1:

Cyka Blyat! Communist Astra - probably maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany secret weapons, much stealth…


I will buy an extra lottery ticket


Looks like FSO bought the old Lancia Delta tooling.


Ha, I distinctly remember a neighbour of ours having one of those in the early 80s.


When I first started working here we used to see quite a few FSOs in the workshop.
One of the worst cars I’ve ever driven. Just hateful.


Mind you, it was also competing against wank like this


The Polonez was a Polski Fiat 125 re-styled by Guigiaro, hence the resemblance to the Lancia Delta. Underneath that sharp 80s bodywork it was all 1967 mechanicals with added Polish crudeness.


Needs to be a Y reg


The Ambassador was vastly better to drive than the Polonez or Lada Riva (also a steaming pile of wank).


But better than this?


In comparison, the rear engined Estelles were actually pretty good cars.
Certainly in another league dynamically to the Polonez and Riva (which were pretty dangerous to drive at any kind of speed IME).


Didn’t they win some Rally’s


I think they won their Class in plenty of rallys in the '80s.



We had one of those in beige!



Might need a bit of a polish.


Wow, Czech that out.


Second ever car was a 1981 Marina 1700HL (given by my dad - gee thanks dad - you REALLY shouldn’t have!)
It had fucking lethal handling and brakes. Probably didn’t help that I drove like I stole it (not that any discerning thief would want to).


I had one of these in 80’s when I had no cash.
It cost me £150 and I constantly abused it and when I sold it I got £150.
And it never let me down.
BTW mine wasn’t lowered it was stock in this colour