I want



My mum had one of those, in Paprika red. She took me and my brother over to Austria in it one year and it broke down in the middle of nowhere in Germany. if it hadn’t broken down, I would never have met Neil Armstrong.

Have I ever mentioned that I met Neil Armstrong?


The one from Glasgow?


No, he was one of the Wapakoneta Armstrongs. The Glasgow Armstrongs are a related branch of the family though.


Ford Popular. With a side valve engine and no heater. Awful and dangerous. Note the windscreen wiper.



I would probably want a towel too. And Trillian…



You’re weird :roll_eyes:


1970 Datsun 240Z


Had one just like this 260Z 2+2 Looks exactly like my old car. Same colour, wheels, interior.


1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO (Central Office Production Order) 9561; 425HP 427CI 11.0:1 compression L72 engine.

There’s an even wilder version (COPO 9560) with the all aluminum ZL1 engine (430HP 427CI), but only 69 were ever built.


They had one of those in the shop in Olney recently.
Not one of the original 19 mind. It was a DB4 GT that had been sent to Zagato slightly later by the owner.
Asking price was 4.75 million pounds.


These to start for my fantasy (lottery win) 10 car garage…

This could suffer from minor adjustments or additions.


Shouldn’t have sold this one then, and you’d have a start on it…


I know. I regret that decision every day (ish). Still, you will note that it was an earlier iteration I listed above, although the same colour. You might as well try summat different :grinning:


I’d have another one of these too…



i had a morris ital , i used to have wobbly suspension like a blancmange


Not unusual in men of a certain age.