IC Art Audio Diavolo + Border Patrol PSU

After the great buying spell comes the stop being an idiot and start selling spell.

I really don’t know what the value of this amp is so I’d be grateful of any advice. I used it with a pair of Audio Note E’s to great effect. I believe it gives out about 11 - 12WPC.

There’s a heat mark to the right of the logo badge showing as a slight brown colour on the photo. I don’t know the age of the tubes, but I never had any issues when in use.

There’s more photos on Flickr so please click on an image to be taken there.

Art Audio Diavolo 300B Triode by Rick Francis, on Flickr

_C270123 by Rick Francis, on Flickr

Border Patrol PSU by Rick Francis, on Flickr


As it’s got the BP psu I’m guessing it’s a definitive one? If it’s been fettled by Kev I’d stick it up for £4500 or £5000 as you can always haggle down but if it was mine I probably wouldn’t take less than £4k for it.

It’s a fantastic 300b amp, very jealous.


It will not hang around if you put it up for sale.If i had the money i would go for it.

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Thanks Chris,

It is a Definitive fettled amp. I have some paperwork as well. I like the suggested price as that’s way more than I thought!