IC/FS: Auralic Mini in Black Boxed Mint

Quick interest check for my Auralic Mini in Black. Boxed Mint.

I can’t actually ship until my new Auralic Aries arrives - hopefully be here before end of week.

A simply brilliant product (this is my second one) which is incredible value even at rrp…

The built in DAC is superb though of course you can run it into a seperate DAC as well.

You can fit a hard drive inside it with all your music on - no need to stream from the internet if you don’t want.

But it also has brilliant Tidal integration and the Auralic Lightning app is the best I have come across.
I believe it is ‘Roon Ready’ but I don’t really know much about that.:thinking:

Shedloads of reviews online.

Will be looking for £315 delivered.

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