Ideas for a living room speaker

I’ve decided to move my JBLs upstairs, to the nice large room with comfy chairs and the piano and stuff. Claire likes this idea, as it gets the big speakers out of the living room. Most importantly, I can listen while someone else is watching the bloody box.

So naturally I think, what should I do with the living room? I could have no system at all, or I could get something smaller than the JBLs. They need to be small to medium sized and work close to the wall.

I was thinking of building some scaled-down Lampizators, but open baffle needs a bit of space. Dunno what they would sound like with foam behind the mid and highs. And a 12" bass unit might be a bit much.

Any other ideas?

Bluetooth actives

That’s the stacked Quad ESL57s out then :frowning_face:.


That was one plan…

And a good one. Now is the time to go completely bonkers so the last ones look sensible…

Heybrook Sextet? :grinning:

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There’s a pair on eBay, but the tweeters look dodgy. They are a distinct possibility!

Might take them active as well…

Start with the unobtrusive bass plan