If a cat has 9 lives or ZiggyMarley's Family Album


I suggest a pre-emptive strike


What ? Burn the village down myself :thinking:


Ziggy still thinks running up the curtains is fun. We thought he’d grown out of it


2018-05-07_02-20-01 by uh_simon, on Flickr

2018-05-07_02-41-14 by uh_simon, on Flickr


You do have birds on the curtains!


Yes - Louise liked then!!


The cat sitter sent me this nice pic of the cats under the table. Joy in the foreground and Lepa behind.


Must be the easiest fucking job on the planet.


Not at @ZiggyMarley it isn’t.


my neighbour does it in exchange for a copious amount of Guinness


they can be attention seeking trolls sometimes.

they have spent the morning chasing a leaf round the house - wrecking everything in their path


Any cat sitter would need substantial liability insurance to cope with the risk that your cat trolls present to both soft and hard furnishings, as well as any technology not cat-proofed (where feasible).


that is so spot on


Ziggy has worked out I fixed his scratching post

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wtf is Marley up to? I knew I could hear something



Joy finds the perfect spot.


Ziggy knows how to relax

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Narelle acquired some baskets to decorate the garden. Squeaky had other ideas…



Mambo - Next doors cat.