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If you’re going to have a cat, it’s much better to have a six year old girl as well. Mine basically tortures the cats, dragging them around, hugging and petting them rather firmly. She hasn’t started dressing them yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

I think that she is a great karma balancer.


You want to be careful. I’ll bet the RSPCA read this thread. Wasn’t she the one who locked herself in the bathroom with the cat and then attempted to bath it ?



Yep :rofl:


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Snuggle time


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Claire and I are on day five of a twenty day cat sitting assignment in a nice place in the Chalfonts - Jake was a little skittish to start but now is quite happy to stay near to us. He is very cute and is a good model for me to use to test the camera on my new phone against my other camera’s



We had a cat who was the spitting image of him. Sadly, she passed away a couple of years back.


washing clean and straight from the line - nice and warm from the sun. The moment I put the box down and turned my back

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he even stayed in the box whilst I carried through the house

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Marble enjoying a lie down.


One of our cats has killed all our butterflies. Fuck I hate them, they’re evil cunts.


So you must be happy the cat’s offed them then…:thinking:


Didn’t know you hated butterflies!


We are having a great time looking after this lovely moggy - I was thinking I was going to struggle to get decent photos of a black cat. This was straight out of phone no post processing -just cropped a little


Our monster cat enjoying the sunshine

Daughter’s cat is obsessed with this corner of the garden


the moment we got back and opened the bag yesterday - Ziggy does what Ziggy does

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it’s the last full day looking after Jake today - He has been great fun and we have stayed in a lovely house
for the last three weeks - Watching the footy on a massive screen very much a bonus. It’s been a great opportunity for me to compare my camera phone against my other gear. I have spent a lot of hours snapping away.My fav photo of Jake is this taken with a voigtlander 40mm F1.4 on the sony A7s


I could have posted this elsewhere but this thread will do!

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He gets around