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On the train last night, a woman had a cat in a bag. Not a cat carrier, a handbag. It was miaowing like it was having a really miserable time.

Thing is, she also had a bike, so clearly she was going to cycle home after getting off the train. I bet the fucker came close to scratching its way out during that.


Maybe it might like it…:wink:


With the cat, I hope …



Shhhh, you might let the cat out of the bag…




Too obvious?


:scream: I find myself agreeing with @Jim 100% on something. There is clearly a disturbance in The Force…:space_invader:


Meh…flattery will get you fucking nowhere…:astonished:


not sure how Marley got in this position we’ve never seen a cat on top of this cupboard before

2018-07-01_10-20-02 by uh_simon, on Flickr



I had a cat once (well, twice actually). The first, Sam, left home after a week and moved in down the road. The second, Moggie, was feral and lived in the hedge, appearing only to eat and chase the dogs. This summed them up. I much prefer dogs.


We thought we had lost a cat this morning. The fat one (who has been on a diet, which he hasn’t been enjoying at all) didn’t come for food, and didn’t sleep in his usual place.

It took me a freaction of a second to weigh the upset of the kids against the reduction in cuntishness in the house. Not close.

But then he turned up. Meh.


If a Mum had 6 kittens…



Haven’t found a way of the image. Any help available?



I just clicked the image on facebook and then right click and copy image then pasted it here


Obvious photoshop is obvious


With Android?


on a Macbook


sleeping boys

2018-07-08_07-08-20 by uh_simon, on Flickr


Rub my tummy!