If a cat has 9 lives or ZiggyMarley's Family Album


sleeping cats like the new sofas


not long after this - Ziggy loves the TT


and Marley is less trouble and sticks to his bed

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Smokey/relaxed mode.


Just lovely.


Ziggy does not want to be disturbed

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from the day before we went away



Spotted fast asleep outside Tesco in Kirkwall, Orkney


18 year old cat-in-a-box.


Come on Jim your cat deserves better.


given we have been away, the boys have now asserted ownership of one of the sofa’s - dunno where Louise is going to sit now!

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and unpacking cannot be achieved without Zigggy’s help

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Did you have a catsitter? Blame them…


I usually find that foot to cat works well with cats on the sofa.


not having a cat works betterer


Cat slippers.


Not a bad idea, I aways said to my last Lab that I would make mittens out of his soft ears when he’s gone.


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