If a cat has 9 lives or ZiggyMarley's Family Album


Tilly, 5kg, shes fucking fat


more sleeping

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what is it about my coats that Marley wants to climb them?

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Cleo, part Siamese and destroyer of speaker grills


Claude, mostly moggy and very chilled


Amber, ginger in colour and attitude


Does she do plumbing then :thinking:


No, she smells of wee


So then you won’t want to


Depends if shes washed or not


hello what is in here?

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ah it’s Ziggy trying to sleep

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[[quote=“ZiggyMarley, post:452, topic:2734”]
hello what is in here?

quote=“ZiggyMarley, post:452, topic:2734”]
ah it’s Ziggy trying to sleep


whose bed is this?

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@tmc - I think I’ve figured out the source your data storage problem :kissing_heart:


are the thread with all those stupid pictures of album covers in it………

most fora I am familiar with don’t allow uploading of images - linking is fine.


Obvious joke is not to be taken srsly :neutral_face:


tis the internet - no intonation, no body lang - and a smiley showing consternation rather than laughing…not so obvious to me,


If this :kissing_heart: is seen as consternation to you then I now understand completely how this could have happened.


is that a kiss? I really must look at my monitor! Apologies :kissing_heart:


No worries, it’s probably just the Toxo’


stretched cat

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