If a cat has 9 lives or ZiggyMarley's Family Album


So if I set about my cats with an electric shaver removing the cute fur would they look like these evil mutants? Surely not.


Good luck with that Paul :grinning:


I’ve no immediate plans Allen. :wink: It was more of hypothetical question.





image https://www.dogster.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Chinese-Shar-Pei-4-600x400.jpg


No need for towels.


My cousin has a Rex. Sweet natured cat but incredibly fugly.


who knows where Marley thinks he is going




Smokey’s been a bit ill lately - apparently he has a thyroid deficiency.

He’s been on a course of tablets for the last couple of weeks and they seem to have done the trick - he’s now back to his usual routine - eating and sleeping :smiley:


that’s good you spotted it and it was diagnosed. We didn’t spot in Tonic at all. We only had her bloods tested for everything, when her sister (Gin) died from Kidney failure aged 13.

thyroid problems not uncommon in cats. Tonic was diagnosed at age 13 and lived to the ripe old age of 21. You will need regular 6 monthly bloods as they need to monitor the dose carefully. They will also keep an eye on kidney function


We have had a 18? year old cat, on them for over three years.
All of his 6 monthly checks have been fine, and his initial dosage was correct.


Tonics dose changed all the time. The cause of her thyroid problem was a tumour on the thyroid, that as it grew meant the thyroid function continued to change…


sunchaser (I recall a beer called that)

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Should have been called Kato


Looks like the reduced rations are not yet having the desired effect. :grinning:


Seems @ZiggyMarley maybe correct about having our hands full. Spent two hours last night coaxing her back down the chimney. Suddenly woken by my daughter at 4am, the cat was sat in the toilet and then preceded to leap around the bathroom, soaking wet :grinning: Now having a well earned sleep in the towel basket :pensive:


brilliant…… ah yes I built a mesh grill to stop the little monsters getting access to the chimney. Ziggy and Marley lost interest in water quite quickly - it was amusing for a while, especially as any toilet was interesting to them.

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even toilets not yet plumbed in
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watch out for washing machines
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kitchen drawers
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large plastic vase
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We are ultra careful about what we leave laying around, so nothing that resembles string, nothing cellophane…they appear to want to eat or chew anything, which can result in an unwanted trip to the vet…or get them selves in a position where they hurt a limb - marley has already had an accident where he got his paw caught…