If a cat has 9 lives or ZiggyMarley's Family Album


what do they teach at uni these days, ffs…


punctuation is only for old people!


what about incorrect punctuation then?


Leather sofa’s what?

Long Dong Silver in that first photo :scream:


Impressively hung isn’t it.


Nature imitating art… :innocent:



:rofl: Ignored christmas tree!!! :rofl:


Following up from my couch post above, there was some really weird cat intuition today. Joy spent the whole day on top of the couch which is very uncharacteristic. Usually she spends the day sleeping on a dining chair under the table.

Then, when the furniture movers came and rang the buzzer she stayed put. This is very strange as normally she runs and hides when the buzzer goes. She’s distrustful of other people and only lets the family see her or cuddle her. Today she remained glued to the cushion even when the movers came in the room. I literally had to prise her off the cushion. It’s like she knew all day that the couch was going.

Weird or cat superpower?




Prolly just lurking on here.



watching your bank account for furniture orders


Joy getting used to the new sofa.




Oddly enough, the music makes me do the same thing :scream_cat:


Beware the cost of muffins.





Do not disturb


Photo of the cats under the dining table looking quizzical. Sent by the cat sitter this morning.