If a cat has 9 lives or ZiggyMarley's Family Album


Fuck me, it must be 4’ long


That is one handsome mog! :heart_eyes:



that’s Marley and not a great photo - he eye achingly beautiful for a Siamese - Even all the vet people come out to see him when he goes for his annual check up.

Someone has tried to steal him once. Back last year my neighbour rang me at work when she spotted someone on our garden path carrying him away. When the perp saw my neighbour he dropped Marley and scarpered

They are indoor cats, and we had kept the defunct cat flap locked - but someone had broken it and enticed Marley outside with some food (the remains were on our back door step).

We got good CCTV footage of the perp in our garden and the police did investigate, but came up with nothing. Our vet tells me that in the area there have been 5 cat thefts for ransom (that he knows of) in our area.


Cat burglar?


Utterly despicable cunts.




one of my colleagues had their cat go missing. They put up photos locally, offering a £50 reward. They promptly got a call saying they can have their cat back for £500 !! Utter bastards


Indoor cats.

Like indoor fireworks.


We had indoor cats for several years when we lived in Exeter. Being on a main road meant that the expected lifespan of an outdoor cat was severely compromised, so we used to get cats with FIV (like HIV but for cats) from the local shelter. In effect we became a bit of a cat hospice. Very few times did one ever try and escape at all, even when we got fairly casual with windows / doors being left open over the summer.



Haha bang to rights, and being a cat probably doesn’t give a shit…


Fake mews


I’m innocent, it was the Big Man…


Amber likes Bel Canto



My soppy fat twat of a cat doing his Herbert l’hom impression. He’s fecking massive, looks pregnant and has monster kitten feet even though he’s 3 years old.
He’s also the softest shite on the planet putting up with everything my son does to him with good grace.

Proper mates they are.

My other cat Nop is a bit more energetic and has the ability to duplicate himself

Nop in the foreground neghbor cat we call Nop twin in the background. He’s more standoffish but likes a fuss on his own terms.


Ziggy doing his stretched out thing

2018-02-27_08-13-55 by uh_simon, on Flickr



I love the arms folded, legs crossed posture.