If a cat has 9 lives


Yes, @htm_1968 will be along any second now to say that it matches my TT. :roll_eyes:


Don’t care about the fairy, we all want to see the power supply Pete made for the lights.


Feck off you attention seeking tart :grin:


you forgot old…:wink:


Smokey having a kip with his Christmas jumper on to keep warm.





That’s one hell of a fur ball on the right



The cats don’t know it yet but their days of lounging in the soft cushion tops of the sofa are numbered. Got some Ekornes Stressless coming tomorrow, snow permitting.


You’ll no doubt have a pir of disgruntled kitties on your hands :grin:


they will find a way. Get them a basket, stick it on the floor under the radiator - they’ll love it = job done


They will be disgruntled I’m sure but I’ve explained to them that it’s their fault for destroying the current sofa.

They will. They always do. I’m sure they’ll enjoy tearing up the leather on the new stuff. I say new but I only buy second hand because of the cats.


True. Squeaky was royally pissed off when we go rid of the fabric suite and replaced it was a leather sofa and two (much smaller) fabric arm chairs. The kicker was that we got rid of HIS chair. He sulked, hated the sofa and decided that Narelle’s office chair was the best option.

A few months on and he lurves the sofa and hasn’t scratched it or any of the newer stuff.
He is slowly adopting one of the armchairs. Thankfully it’s the one which was bought specifically with his sleeping habits in mind.


I’d be really happy if my two adapted as well as Squeaky. The idea that they won’t scratch the leather is beyond my wildest dreams.


The old sofa and chairs were a mess. He would just ignore the several scratching posts and gravitate to the chairs.
Everything new was sprayed with Felliway to start. We like to think this helped as he has never shown any interest in scratching any of it.

He now uses the purpose built posts and the carpet.


I like the sound of the Feliway spray. It’s got to worth a try. Thanks :+1:


our two destructor cats have never shown any interest in scratching the leather sofa’s, and nor did their predecessors. But of course if they climb up the sofa to get to a comfy spot then they use their claws to climb and that is when damage has been inflicted.

We gave them a bed on the sofa - which they squabble over.

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I had to do a double take on the first photo!