If a cat has 9 lives


It’s his favourite position.


I swear not even a dog can get as contentedly comfy as a cat can.

Both VERY cute mogs! :heart_eyes:

Ours are in fucking disgrace - within 3 hours of me setting traps for the damned mouse that’d been tearing-up shit in the pantry and kitchen for several weeks, the cunt was dead and gone…

Lazy fat cunts - only catch stuff they fucking trip-over…


What are the chances that it was only one?

Don’t drop your guard, set moar traps!


:+1: Yep - I reset that one - and there are 4 others . . .


We only get field mice here

they are experts in getting into anywhere that contains food.

A recent winter invasion into our food store proved costly. Once I noticed it they were firmly entrenched and so war was declared. Several £hundreds of food was contaminated/thrown away and it took nearly three months and over 70 executions before we found and sealed the entrance/exit point. 2 weeks now since the last little cunt was dispatched and we are re-stocking after a Dettol crazed cleaning regime. Still got 6 traps set, just in case.

Fortunately there are no rats on Fetlar


Can you not just deep fry them ?


Yes. Kill them with fire !


You’re luckier than us - badly-managed large-scale agribusiness + misguided, half-arsed so-called vermin control (=utter wankers who enjoy killing ALL the wrong things like foxes, BoPs, stoats, otters, you name it) make S.Lincs very Heaven for rats…

Sadly, all of our mice are field mice, which apart from their overwintering habits, are no real problem. Early doors the cats kept them down, but those useless fucking cunts soon worked-out it was way less effort to just sit around until the really easy stuff bumbled-across their paths…


Two more in the traps this morning. All rebaited and reset…


what you need is many many more cats. You have space, imagine an army of (say) 20 cats working for you?


The two we have are fucking useless - 20 more useless fucking mouths to feed + busy road at the front + 2 lurchers who think cats are a snack item . . . ?

What could possibly go wrong?

Apart from Everything… :thinking:


I clearly didn’t think that one through then - my consultancy invoice is in the post.


The problem with mice is, you kill one and twelvety hundred come to the funeral…:stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like I’ll need my mouse-stamping boots (re-purposed London Pigeon-stamping boots).




Plenty of steel wool pushed into every nook and cranny has meant left my traps empty for a couple of years.


Who presumably got lost at some point in their lives and ended up there?


Toasted Smokey


Nice addition of an elephant in the room.