Illuminate, Plymouth


My interwebs are informing me that soon it is the Illuminate thingy down in Plymouth. Anyone been? What to expect… worth going? I like Royal William Yard, so an excuse to go there and eat in some nice establishment is always inviting.

Yes, we went (I think at least twice it’s been on). It can be quite breathtaking, It wasn’t just the kids faces full of wonder. It gets very busy in bottle neck areas around the entrance which may or may not be comfortable but it’s free and worth a look if you don’t have to travel for hours.

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We went in 2019 really enjoyed it. There was some clever & innovative projection mapping going on.

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Seems like they’re doing it differently this year. Across several venues, and needing to book in advance. A friend of mine had an installation at the last one; don’t know if he’s back this year. I think we’ll go, although I haven’t totally got my head around the locations, timing etc yet.

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Went along this evening - it was considerably more contained than in previous years (about 1/5 of the size) This was a little on the disappointing side but what was there was interesting and as it was ticket only it was nicely spaced out in the quad outside ocean studios….