Import duty on alcohol from EU?

Proper stuff!

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:thinking: You’ve used that line before…


I have tastes that aren’t satisfied here

So i have checked the original invoice this morning, it was 140 Euro, the duty/tax to pay is 140 Euro, surely that cantbe right?

Bloody hell 140 euros for 6 bottles of Limoncello sounds expensive to me, that’s without the duty? Special versions or large bottles?

Personally I wouldn’t pay the duty and send them back if possible, chalk the return carriage cost down to experience.

Finally got to the bottom of it, it is a COD delivery. Odd as the seller had my card details.

Just to be extra awkward they have stipulated cash only meaning i cant pay UPS over the phone.

Yea its a special, it is Il Gusto limoncello which is the best i have tasted, this is a green version. Very few producers make a green limoncello.

Well hope you enjoy it!

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Excellent outcome. Now you can enjoy your limoncello.
Have just been trying to see if I could get the raw alcohol, from a local Italian deli, to make it yourself.
My neighbour has a great recipe, from an Italian friend, which he makes, and it is fantastic.
Here is the deli selection.

raw cane alcohol is illegal in the UK, hence most homemade is with vodka. I dont like vodka based limoncello.

Yes, my friend brings it back with him from his place in Italy.
I was just hoping, maybe, a business, could bring it in. No such luck.

Don’t mess about.


green limoncello sounds interesting - I assume it uses unripe lemons? What is the flavour profile difference to the normal one.

I usually have a bottle of this

Yes produced from the season lemons that did not fully ripen.
It is a bit sharper, fresher maybe.

This is also Il gusto. We visited the factory when we stayed in Praiano, this is their first batch of this year.
Very friendly bunch who are happy to get you pissed for free when you visit.