In ear wireless headphones

Ay up
My after Christmas resolution is to take up running again. I used to enjoy it but haven’t run for five years.
Going to start the couch to 5k scheme straight after Christmas.
I like listening to music while running and thought some wireless Bluetooth headphones would be a good idea.
Any suggestions to what might be a good pair for reasonable money say less than £50.
Thanks and have a great Christmas


Personally I go with the bone conductive headphones so I can still hear what’s going on, nature, cars etc.
Aftershokz are great :+1:
Don’t expect hifi quality, for podcasts they are superb, for music less so. But you are running so it doesn’t really matter

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Aftershokz for me too. Not sure if they will be in budget though.

I can stretch the budget a bit for the right ones

And a really long extension lead👍


“In ear wireless headphones”

You need a pair of Oxymorons


Above your budget, but I’ve got a pair of these and can recommend them. Decent sound, stil hear what’s around you, stay in your ears - job done.

I prefer not to have single earbuds as it’s easier to take these out and have them hanging around your neck rather than try to find a pocket etc.

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Went for Bose ones. Ex dem off eBay :+1::+1:

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No highs, no lows, must be…


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