Inline mains water softener

Any recommendations for an inline water softener that will go on the water supply to the house?

Water here is listed as “very hard”


In the mid-1990s we bought a BWT Aquadial Prismertec softener, made by these people Water by BWT - BWT.

It’s still working, although it might benefit from a service at some point I suppose.

(The good news is it’s lasted ~30 years. But who knows if BWT are still meeting the same high standards they were 30 years ago ?)

OX11 is rated as a ‘Very hard’ water postcode too.


I suspect someone will be along shortly to point out Belgian water is best.


Another vote for BWT, fitted one in my previous house and was still working when I moved 18 years later.
Recently bought one for the current house but not fitted it yet
I rang them and asked for discount which they gave and also gave me an installation kit and salt

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Actually I am talking crap, old softener was BWT but new one is from East Midlands Water Company, has 10 year warranty.

I have no experience of their domestic offerings, but we use their in-line systems at work. Service, quality, and reliability is very good.

BWT’s cartridge filters are great, they do various types depending on what sort of filtration you want. I use a BWT bestmax M cartridge, plumbed in for the coffee machine. It’s specifically designed for hot drinks.

There is so much meatman in this image - Pure crystalline water + shit scoop.


Yeah, that’s where the kitty litter tray lives…:thinking:

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Home made kopi luwek?


Same here but …

But what John?

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Cat litter scoop

It’s a good bit of a kit, I have one in France now. Plastic water bottles stopped

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We have one of these. Has worked well for 8 years: