Integrated hot amp advice, recommends and nonsense

Thinking of downgrading or sidestepping to an intergrated. Not sure I want to move away from valves but I just don’t listen to my Viva set up enough to justify keeping it really.
Speakers are 101db so doesn’t need to be big on power.
I haven’t owned an intergrated since the early 90’s so I’m clueless.

Class A integrated is your friend.

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What Viva is it, 845, 300b or 2a3 etc?

Last one I owned was an original MF A1. Does that count?

845- with a LF1 pre.

I know fuck all about stereos.


Don’t know really. As long as it’s smaller than my current amps and weighs less than 50kg.

I like the look of the Luxman amps. But would do fugly for sound quality.

The Line Magnetic LM-518ia may be an option, it’s an 845 integrated. I had one with some Devores and it was very good.

I seem to remember liking the look of that. What made you get rid or is that a silly question :wink:

This is my amp - absolutely superb thing. I use it with El-34’s but you can use KT-88’s at the flick of a switch and had the MM phono board added.


can’t remember TBH, wasn’t because I didn’t like it, probably the usual box swapping.

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My Triode TRV-845SE would have been a good choice but it needs to go to @Valvebloke for some TLC.

Is that the one with red transformer covers? If so it looked nice.

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Ooh they sell Luxman. Confusing range though. Why so many intergrated amps at similar price points🤔

Or, if 4w sounds a little bit short

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I’ve had a Luxman and they are lovely things but the Cayin is much better to my ears.

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They have some nice amps in their pre-owned section (including a Luxman) :+1:

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And a nice looking Cayin. The Trafomatic that @pmac linked to looks interesting as well. Lots to look at already.

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