Interest check

Interest check…:rofl: Now I have your attention :grinning: As some of you may know I recently bought a second pair of Impulse H6s, my intention being to use the tidier pair whilst refurbing the tatty originals. Well, I am getting a bit of grief about the extra pair cluttering up the place and I am unlikely to ever get round to tackling the task, so I think I should sell them.
Firstly they sound fantastic. The cabinets are like an imitation wood laminate which has some odd bits of damage, but not to bad from the listening position and the cloth “hoods” are faded to different shades, they were black. All drivers in great condition.If anyone is interested I will take some pics :thinking: They would need to be collected from Worcester.

I am very interested in not buying these.:+1:

Just as well 'cos they are sold :rofl:


FFS :roll_eyes: You didn’t actually say you were selling them, nor did you say which pair - the tatty ones or the new ones.

…and they sold in twenty minutes. I might just ban you for posting the crapperest ad so far this year. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just wait for the next one :rofl:

Lol, why do you need an excuse? :smile:


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It was my fault I made you buy them.