Interesting Speakers

In the grand scheme of things not that expensive either!

I think they are active too! Imagine the price with a hifi label. :pleading_face:


1440W amps. 137dB SPLs. lol

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£16K for a pair makes that something of a curious definition of “not that expensive”…!

Still, as Ritchie says, power amplification built-in, and you’d only need one of the line array modules for indoor use…

I recently tested the Sonus faber Guarneri G5 which is £16k with stands, doesn’t include amps and probably won’t hit 137dB unless you blow them up. It’s not ‘cheap’ but… it’s a lot of speaker.


I think there were only 3 of the line array modules on those I heard last night. Unfeasibly loud earlier when they were cranked and playing the 1812 over a firework display, almost painful and I was probably 40 yards from them!

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Oooops :blush:
I saw the price and assumed that was for the pair.

Forgot that pro-audio doesn’t work like that

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Can you lend from the school and we do a Lopwell day out in the car park …?

I can see the fish a jumping

Knowing what school it is, I would think the English teacher would be very impressed if Richie said “Borrow me your speakers!”


For you keV the gift

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More so if they could tag along

Was it the over 100+dB dopamine euphoria you were experiencing?

Lot of vfm in pro audio.
Neutrik Speakons everywhere :heart_eyes:


Yes, I would say so. Horns in free space!

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There’s a lot to be said for it.


I really like what full range speakers do (I should I own a couple of pairs) and think they are really good for near field listening. I heard a pair of Markaudio-Sota Cesti speakers yesterday, they were very good for such small speakers.

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Position is everything …


Does this make anyone else want a log burner?

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A bonfire would be better