Interesting Speakers


In the review there’s a picture of a ‘chap’ smoking a pipe. Is whatever is in the pipe the reason for the foo review?


DIY horn. Supravox bass, Fostex mid and HF.


CRT TV :flushed:


Old technology in picture of horn speakers shock.


No clue.




I like the stop cock for attenuating the high frequencies.


they haven’t grasped steampunk & are trying to add bling. extraordinary.


Dial FTW.



Ye gads!


Wilson speakers meet a machine gun firing rivets.


Chap looks familiar. Is it someone we know, Simon?


I don’t think so, I like the goggles though! On the other hand I thought these were a really nice looking speaker, think Jeff Jackson stuff…he’s incapable of making anything at all that isn’t totally gorgous.22549690_1841546589490574_7677712538598730521_n


Those are so far removed from the previous image though! Lovely looking kit there.


Yeah, nice to see things that really stand out design wise, I love the massive old racks of theatre amps but with industrial stuff being on trend at the moment I prefer the look of the amp in the above pic… nice hark back but neatly done.


Interestingly, my Dad (cabinet maker) recently got asked to make some cabinets for someone. He was making a set of something 1960s based, buggered if I can remember what though.


I really like them.


These are slightly different but the CNC work on the mid horn is really super, looks like solid walnut.


Hopefully a work in progress