Interesting Speakers


I promise you love with the horns painted white you’ll never even know they’re in the room.


What horns ?


Is that a pair of Heybrook Sextets I see as well?


Maybe lol


What are they?


Not a clue. Nicked off Pinterest


Leak Sandwich €649 Audiomarkt.


Nice speakers, but €649 is silly.


Ferguson Hill.

Heard this a couple times. Underwhelmed.





I thought they were very transparent :sunglasses:


Looking to put together a small footprint second system. These look decent, anyone heard any? Thinking of totem mite or Dali menuet.


I own and can’t praise highly enough (for the money) a pair of Kralk Audio TDB-2’s. A bit bass limited, having only 4" drivers but do everything right :smiley:

Amazing little things for £185 delivered.


Spotted those, great find. Can’t quite believe the price. Heard their other little LS3/5 type at a show a while back, sounded pretty good and great build.

Looking to set up a late night nearfield system, as my main system just doesn’t work at low volume.


I listen nearfield but not at particularly low levels. I’ll give them a try at low level and report my findings, if that would be useful.


I bought a pair about the same time as Mike and they are seriously good - I use them with a subwoofer which helps enormously.

I can’t believe he can make such good speakers for the money tbh.


I have just spent an hour or so listening to various tracks with an average SPL of 54dB (ridiculously quiet, imo) across that time, via a phone App, @ about 2 metres from speakers, with little, if any, degradation in dynamics or SQ.

This is listening nearfield, in a very small room, with speaks being driven by a 60W Class A amp.

I realise it’s not very scientific, but it’s the best I can do :slight_smile: and I hope it helps.


That’s really useful, as I was thinking of pairing with a small Marantz/Denon or Aleph 30 watt. Also thought I would need to add a sub to fill out the bottom end at low level listening. Sounds like they could be worth a go.

What amp do you use?


It’s a USA made Nirvana Electronic Works A60 amp which, depending on what you read (and there’s VERY little out there), is designed by NP and is 2 x 30W NP amps, or not.


Great I’ll use that as a guide. Anyone got a similarly powered Class A sitting around?:blush: