Interesting Speakers


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…must resist…just buy a denon and chromecast…and repeat…


Have a bit more to drink, and then pm me with your offer :smile:


Tri-Art Audio open baffle speakers from Canada. Heard them at the Warsaw show. Sounded quite attractive.



The Wonderful World of Turntable Design AKA: Dave's Fugly World Of TT Wank.


I haz the dumb.

What does that mean?


I haz the dumb too. I was trying to include the link to the post on the TT thread and failed :disappointed:



I thought the drink was starting to take effect :wink:


The bamboo TT? Actually it’s all made of bamboo :slight_smile: The turntable sounded very nice too.


It haz.


I like the two triangles, and the how many levels can we create for equipment.

Lots of feet foo going on there.


Greenwall loudspeaker.


No idea, nicked off Pinterest.


I’m tentatively putting this forward as the first ever moving coil loudspeaker



Ernst Werner von Siemens - 1877


It seems Siemens did have a 19th century patent on using a moving coil for the purposes of making sound. But I can’t see whether he thought of driving a cone with it. I think the pic you have is the Rice and Kellogg speaker from 1921 which is often recognised as the first cone loudspeaker (before that there were horns and a selection of other weird and wonderful schemes).





Needs more gold to be for the Arab market. Probably footballer or something. What ever it is it looks horrible,


So have your ordered a set.:wink:





:grimacing: 1930s bakelite wardrobes…