Interesting Speakers




Wouldn’t mind these


I love how they are rammed into a room far too small :grinning:


and the source is an ipod sat on top of the righthand speaker


Those horns load down to around 600hz and control directivity pretty well, Rey audio monitors for studios, they will work just fine in small rooms.


Stop spoiling my subjective comments with facts!


What are the tweetery looking things on the floor?




So why are they on the floor? And what are the tweetery looking things on top of the speakers?


Forget that, why is there a red glowstick under the left speaker?


The curtains date the whole thing. Shame.


Vaughn Plasma Signature Speakers.


Like these alot.


Trying the Diamond 12s firing down the listening room. Much better imaging this way, and the bass is less pronounced than when firing across the room. I’m aware I badly need some new curtains, the current hideous set came with the house and I can’t be arsed to change them.

Pixie the dog approves of the Cocteau Twins. Mogwai made her jumpy…



Seems to have put her into a coma!

The speakers look good there.


Thanks. They sound excellent. I’m dreading what this will cost me…:wink:


Foo curtains needed :smiley:


You obviously don’t play things with serious bass and at a suitable volume, as the buses would vibrate off


Bluetak FTW :+1: