Investment Ideas

Most of my savings are invested in a fixed-rate fixed-term account which is due to mature next year. The account pays interest of 2.5% pa which is an excellent return compared to what is on offer now. The same account with the same bank now pays 0.65% pa which is terrible and not worth tying up a sum of money especially when there are penalties for early account closure (meaning I could get back less than what went in).

I think now is the time to start looking for other low-risk investment. I’d be happy to risk losing up to 10% of my total investment for a return of around 3 or 4% pa?

Any ideas, suggestions because I’m clueless when it comes to financials. Ta.

Or I could just spend the fucking lot. :champagne:

Part share in a Scalford muffin?

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Coke and hookers, obvs.

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Buy € and $

Buy a hifi forum?


More seriously, use your maximum allowance for an ISA, and put it into a medium risk fund of funds (I.e. not cash).

Because the pound is going to continue to fall?

If you fancy a risk, how about this… was recommended in the Times recently.
30%+ per year over five years!!!

My GF has funds in this and the performance is spectacular!

You can put your isa in it btw…

High street ISA’s are now less than 1% pa and probably going to be lower by next year i.e. slightly better than stuffing it under the mattress.

Which looks like something I’d need to take financial advice on first. As I said, I’m not really up to speed on financials. With those returns I expect there’s a risk of losing everything where I’d rather limit my exposure.

Indeed, cash ISAs are execrable. A basket of funds with a medium risk profile in a stocks and shares ISA is working quite well for me, at the moment at least. Obviously it’s a gamble, and one could get quite badly burned.

Buy a top notch luthier/custom shop acoustic guitar.
Will appreciate considerably (rise in new prices and shortage of good tone wood), over 15-20 years of playing.

And you’ll enjoy it.


  1. Import Benzocaine from China
  2. Buy the rights to ‘Cabana’ and get all Willywoka
  3. Buy Rolling Stones memorabilia
  4. Buy Gold and Dollars…Scratch that buy all the gold and all the dollars
  5. Costa Coffee Franchise

In percentage terms what would medium risk be? If 100% is guaranteed losses and 0% is a bank account? It could be an option what you’re suggesting.

I’ve got plans that guarantee the stake money, and return 4-5% pa on average. On top of that the interest can be treated as capital gains, so the tax exposure is much less.
You need to find a good financial adviser who will plan out for you your future money and spending expectations in accordance with your wishes.
Mine costs me about 10% of the interest I earn… I consider that money well spent imo…

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Seems to every time Theresa May opens her gob. :smiley:

Cook crystal meth :+1:

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This has crossed my mind as you might expect and some portion may yet be ‘invested’ this way. It’s spending the money really because once you become attached to a good guitar, happily parting is another matter.

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You could invest some into lending on Zopa. That will probably get you 3-4% on a fairly low risk profile.

Hmm… I’ll look into peer-to-peer lending. Could be the sort of investment I’m after, at least for smaller amounts.