IO into MC stage?

I know the std answer is a very expensive 1:80 SUT into MM stage, but can my learned friends help with the maths (and maybe some loans) to try an IO into an MC stage?

I have a Paradise (which I’m happy with), 63db’s of gain, I can adjust the loading/capacitance. It’s quiet and I’m led to believe there are users who use the IO straight into, but hearing is believing :rofl:

Any thoughts?

I have an Audionote JP S9 that works nicely with IO carts but it isn’t for sale.


I recently sold a AN S8, so that’s no longer for sale.


Bugger, and I wouldn’t have made you an offer for that if I had known :rage:

What are you looking to borrow - the phono stage or the Io?

I have an Allnic 1500 that has one of the inputs modified for better Io loading. It worked well in my system (I thought better than with an AN S2) when I had an Io.

You can borrow the Allnic any time.


If it’s the io I can lend you one that is currently spare


I’ve got a max of 75db on my Aesthetix but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t suitable when I tried. Was an age ago so hard to remember.

I will have an ANS3 for sale in the very near future because reasons. It is pretty good with my Io Gold but str due to upgrade.

I should have my sticky mitts on IO next week. Phono stage is a keeper, its similar level to Vida but lacks MM flexibility. I guess I’m asking to borrow/try a more regular SUT, 1:20/1:30 to see if it works. And help with loading requirements also seem a black art.

Its a stab in the dark, it may be short lived IO ownership, just trying to give it the best chance.

  • My assumption is I need to increase voltage, the RIAA function is the same wether MM or MC.
    I’ve also seen some specs of Japanese IO’s @ 0.15mv, (it’s a JP IO2 I’m getting) is that a myth?

I once ran my IO1 into a regular SUT, into a MM phone stage, it sounded good just quiet. I wish I still had that SUT actually.

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What is the output of an IO?
I use an old Jeweltone JT R that only has an output of 0.04 and ran it directly into the Vida. It worked well.

0.01mv is the std output quoted, sure I’ve seen 0.15mv quoted somewhere for the JP models?

I’ve got Audio Technica AT37 with 0.1mv output, I just turn up the volume and it works, but I feel it lacks a bit of …oommph for want of a better phrase, lack of dynamics due to being a bit low??

Just looked on ANUk web and they quote 0.04 for their IO II. I don’t know about the Japanese ones though. I would wait till you have had chance to try it into the paradise and then see if you need to bump it up or not.

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Just filling up with antici-

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never seen a 0.01 Io although the Kondo website quotes the IoM as 0.12mv

Io1 is 0.05
102 and Gold are 0.04

Kondo Ios are rare and expensive, most Ios on the UK market will be ANUK

If an Io into an MC phono stage worked well I think a lot of people would be doing it.

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Running an IO into an unsuitable MC phono or step up is like filling the space shuttle with farmers diesel. It’s a downer but they have special needs

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Tried my Io1 and Io Gold into the MC stage of the Vida and it was OK but nowhere near as good as with a step up.

Even the AN-S2 into MM was much better than the MC input.

Personally I wouldn’t bother and just go with SUT/MM

What does the Vida use for MC’s? Is there already a SUT in there?

It is why I’ve asked, I’m probably being naive as I don’t really understand the maths and loading.

The goal is to get 0.04mv nearer 0.5mv rather than 5mv?

We shall see, it may be short lived IO ownership, I can’t see me swapping the Paradise.