Io1 and SUT?

That is where you went wrong, you should have started by either moving to a bigger house or building a music room before actually buying any hifi gear.

Best to stay away from advanced stuff like garages until you are more experienced.

No but have Kondo Killer haha

This is it I think.

Ok back on task.
This morning I followed Guys method. Firstly connected up P10 with different cables two pairs of Mart Grants as I knew they were screened. Absolute silence from the P10. Next connected SUT to P10. Then Tonearm to SUT much better than before. Still a little noise. Connected tonearm earth to P10 much better. Moved SUT around a bit to find quietest spot.
Still a very very slight hum but 90% gone. Will try a few Of Guys suggestions on extra earths later today.
Certainly very listenable as is.


Now nearly sorted it must be time to flog it off cheap to those considering the same. For example ME.

Enjoy it.

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A few more minutes to play before we go out for today’s exercise.
I connected earth on SUT to chassis of P10 and the hum dropped again Probably 95% now. Just a bit still there. But so much quieter than it was. :+1:
Any mileage in any other earth configuration? Would running a wire between amp and P10 help that last little bit?
Any ideas welcome to help attain complete silence. :grinning:

Any chance of a pic of that with the bottom off? I have a colour coded diagram of the transformer wiring somewhere here.

Interested in the statement that it works great direct into the Paradise. Be interested what you think in comparison to a P10 and SUT.

Will do comparisons once I have it at its best with P10

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Pictures for Guy

Looks tidy enough & as if primary & secondary grounds are tied together.

Ideally you want a pair of shorted phono plugs to put in the inputs to then isolate how much the transformers & their wiring are picking up. Once that’s quiet maybe then look again at the arm/deck earthing. Which arm & tt was it again?

At the moment I’ve got it on SL1210 Mk5 with a Acoustic Solid WTB tonearm. Just as an experiment to see what it was like. My plan is to fit it to my Graham B44 phantom on a Garrard 301. But this won’t get done until lockdown lifted a bit more so I can see Mark about a plinth for it all.

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Does the arm earth to the chassis of the TT as well as having an earth lead going to the phono stage?

No it’s not connected to TT chasis

What about the pitch control earth lead, this was normally connected to the standard arm.

Probably as quiet as I’ll get it now. Tried earthing turntable to the P10 made no difference. I’ve got Earth on amp, p10, SUT and earth lead on tonearm all linked one to the other, it is much quieter but still a bit of hum. At a good listening level it’s difficult to detect. Volume needs to be at about 10am before it really shows at 8am it almost not there.
Definitely getting close and the io1 with SUT and P10 does sound lovely.
Next job compare to Paradise. :scream:


If you switch it all off and just use a digital source does the hum go away?
Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face.:clown_face:

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Yes using CD player or Paradise it is absolutely silent.

Why I don’t even consider an IO.

(Though Mark did!)

The io works really well with the Paradise. A well made Paradise is so quiet it just needs turning up. The SUT set up is at 8am for a good listening level using the Paradise its at 11am.
I think io sounds really great with the Paradise.

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