IPL S5TL Kevlar

That tannoy cloth is a fucking nightmare to use, got some electric blue for the L300 covers and it was a complete mare to get crease free in the corners.

Went with some stretchy stuff in the end.

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Good news! Mrs likes the sound of the speakers. :partying_face: :clinking_glasses:

We found this:


I went with this

2x lots came in at 35 euros delivered.


Mine have been raw mdf for nigh on 20 years, they’ve lived in storage or a garage for roughly half of those and still sound great now they are my ‘office speakers’
Many people just paint them. Maybe slap a bit of poly filler on the cracks to smooth thing out if you feel like it.

One thing I notice that may exacerbate your fruity bass is that they should have small stands that elevate the end of the transmission line off the floor by about 6 inches.


Are the ‘stands’ a hollow box or similar?

Yep they can be filled with sand or lead shot or something. I never did.

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I have a couple of open boxes which I’ll try first. I’ve read that some people try to lean the speakers back a little - half squash balls under the front or similar.

A little experimentation is always fun. :slight_smile:

Anything to get the tweeter not firing at your shins.