Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 any good?

Has anyone any experience of the Continuum S2? I’m looking for a new amp to drive my Raidho D1’1’s which sound a little subdued in the treble area when using my Maker Audio NL14+ mono’s. Admittedly, I feel this is more to do with the speakers than the amp as they sound fine with other speakers. I’ve read Raidho used to demo their speakers with Jeff Rowland amps some years ago and wondered if this might be a better match. I also like that it’s an integrated which will take up less space.

Thanks in advance.

not heard the integrated, but have heard a couple of the power amps making nice sounds at Definitive in the past year or so

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TBH M8 - sort your stair-rods and carpet grippers first, then Full Loom - FULL! …and only then can we start to talk about trivia like so-called “amplifiers”!


I’m fucked then as I live in a flat.


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