Johnny Cash

I’ve only ever heard songs of his here and there but have recently sat and listened to Live at Folsom and Live at San Quentin.

His songs are pretty much all the same! They’re not bad but it’s hard to take more than a few in any one sitting. Maybe that’s C&W for you, I don’t know (not heard much of that genre) but it’s very formulaic.

I guess I’m a bit surprised as I was expecting more variation from such a seminal figure.

I like country, there I’ve said it, but to me J.Cash cannot sing, he’s as flat as a fart, unlistenable. Wank.

I’ve got Live At Folsom Prison on vinyl, I think I have listened to a couple of tracks of it many years ago, it’s not appeared since…tells you something.

The American series of albums are very different.
Number IV particularly is worth checking out having Hurt, yes the Nine Inch Nails song, on it.
Definitely still a listen before you buy though…

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Thanks. I’ve actually heard that American IV is very good before - I’ll check it out next.

I love Johnny Cash, the American Recordings Unearthed box set is superb, disc 2 is my favourite. For the earlier stuff the Complete Columbia Box Set should keep you going.

Yep great recommend, I am also a big fan,
All the American albums are brilliant.

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JC can do little wrong imho

When I saw the title, I was worried he had died!

I hate to break it to you but he died in 2003.




Folsom is a killer live album, he absolutely nailed it and it is a standout “come back” album.

Although never filmed i reckon this take on that performance isn’t far off.

A highlight of my Glastonbury years was watching the fella, June carter and the Tennessee Three play, he’s as cool as cucumber.

His lyrics mixed humour and blues in just the right measure for me.

I’m also in the “don’t get it” category. His cover of Hurt is undeniably brilliant, and I love it to bits. Everything else bores me to tears.