Jolida Glass FX Valve Dac Mk3 + headphone jack. Very modded :)


Jolida Glass FX Valve Dac Mk3 + headphone jack. Very modded :slight_smile:

This is a mate’s of mine, he does not appear on any forums. Makes me look like I got too many dacs!

The Black Ice Audio version for sale in my dac, and the good news (if you read that thread) is it’s WiFi does work!! Just hold the reset for 10 secs, wait 30 secs and it stops looking for the prior WiFi link. I’ll update that thread soon.

So back to this Dac. It has no WiFi, it is the Mk3. Mate originally bought it from me (when I dealt Jolida) and he wanted it revved up big time - so it is.

He wants £450 firm excl postage. A fair price as he really looks after his kit and this dac looks new. He does not use his kit much so it has had light use.

Original spec here:


• Furutech IEC with HiFi-Tuning Classic Gold fuse
• Power supply rebuilt with better components - Audyn, Nichicon and Panasonic

• Output caps are Modwright film in oil types (best that fit this application)

• Tubes - Raytheon CK5755 (yellow print) with adaptors

• Feet now EAR Small compliant types

• A touch of chassis dampening

• Silver solid core output wire onto Audio Note silver plated RCA jacks (these need a buff/clean)

Original box etc.

I’m away for a week so could only post 21st May.

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