Jolida’s new dac - Black Ice DSD with mega mods


Jolida’s new dac - Black Ice DSD with mega mods

Selling as I need a dac with a remote control for my TV system.

Jolida have changed their name due to the collaboration with Jim Fosgate to Black Ice Audio (I know!).

Their new Jolida Glass DAC in 384/32 DSD form has had a few mods over the popular Mk3 with a revised dac board (Jim’s design) and a new layout to the power supply board. Has the same headphone output that also controls the RCA output.

These retail at $800 excl freight, VAT duty etc.

This one for sale has the following upgrades and sings!

• Gold Furutech IEC mains connector

•Updated fuse (either a HiFi Tuning or Synergistic Research, can’t remember)

•DC filter cap on mains board now a Modwright film in oil cap

•Some power supply caps upgraded to Jensen, Audio Mote Keisei, 2x Blackgate for the low voltage feed

•Key cap on dac board now an Audio Note Keisei (board is designed by Jim Fosgate)

•5v regulator for dac board now New ClassD type

•Silver output wired onto Audio Note silver plated RCA’s

•Output tubes the Raytheon CK5755 Reliability Controlled types

•Some chassis dampening

•Output caps now Modwright film in Oil

•Herbies tube dampers

•Spiked on Ebony feet, brass tipped

So about £380 worth of upgrades excl labour.

WIFI of the Dac works fine. Stream to it over the internet from an Apple device. Download the WiFi receiver driver (an Apple app).

Windows needs a driver too.

Sounds ace reckon still burning in though as keeps improving. Maybe 300 hours on it. Would not sell it but really want a remote control dac.

Selling for £600 incl U.K. post (or close offers). Original box and manual but no UK power cable (does not fit in the box).


£550 incl post


beautiful dac , got one of Jacks modwright modded ones here and it most certainly gives a very organic and big soundstage

P1060482 by , on Flickr

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Yeah I have a modded III here, and I love it.

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I am freaked out by that name change though… Black Ice Audio?? !! Jolida was neat, and established, and the logo looked good. Many words in a company name is clumsy, and looks whack.


The Jolida trade name dispute in China vs USA has been ongoing for years at huge expense to both sides.

Jolida USA took the collaboration with Jim Fosgate as an opportunity to change their name. They say they are a start up company with 30 years experience.

Jim Fosgate brings a lot to the Jolida party. He invented Dolby Pro-logic II, the Fozgometer and the 12v car audio amplifier (founder of Rockford Fosgate) and much more. A well known innovative audio designer.

So a lot of new and revamped product coming out. The dac above has a revised dac board by Jim Fosgate.

Their new website blackiceaudio is not up and running yet. New products have been at shows like their new Fusion F360 preamp with some Fosgate gizmos, and the new F159 phonostage (after making 158 prototypes). New integrated due out this month.

But yeah, odd name though.

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I suppose the thing is with names, that after a while your perception of them normalises, and mainly you just think of what they represent. So realistically in a while everyone will just forget it was Jolida. Thanks for the detail - didn’t realise it’s a legal thing. Will keep an eye on their new products :slight_smile: I do love my DAC!


ah thanks for update .


So an update - and I amended the initial post.

Loaned the dac to a more savvy mate and the WiFi works! He’s comparing it to a hardwired streamer and I’ll get the results soon.

So if the WiFi is an option for you, or put you off initially - it works fine. Basically one had to hold the reset button for 10 secs to reboot, then wait 30 secs for the module to find the new network. Then work through the instructions to point your device (like an Apple) to it and done.

Sorry for the confusion but the dac is fully operational.



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