Karan KA I 180 sound signature?

I’ve also got a 180 power amp (MK2) and think that it is a great sounding amp.
It has driven Wilson Benesch ACT’s, Kudos 10/20’s, DM70’s, SP100R2’s and WLM La Scala’s with ease and great sound.
Of this list only the WLM’s were preferable with my Almarro amp.

4 hours ! wow that is good service!

Two hours each way, I was too paranoid to trust a primate courier

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Just after he’s booted an amplifier from one end of his cage to another. Sorry out of order, just bad experience

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The ATC 150 integrated I had for a while was quite poor, all grainy and transistor’y with a sort of veiling in the midrange that was quite strange.

The wee Karan int does seem to be very system dependent, you hear the odd positive, Nick for example. I’ve never heard a system with one included sound good, plenty of drive along with all those hifi adjectives like hard, ‘hifi’ and detailed in the most negative of senses. murrayjohnson may have nailed it

After gambling on a Plinius amp recently expecting it to be hifi nirvana
(and being underwhelmed), think I’ll take the less risky approach of trying stuff out before I commit. Couple of top banana forum members have offered to loan kit, so will see how that goes.

We have top Bananas on this site?


think I’ve just found my profile picture…


Dan that description is a world away from how my amps sound (to me). Your description is everything I would dislike.

Damn right we do. :vulcan_salute:

Hell yes…


I did wonder how long😉

Hope to pop in later this week Ian, looking forward to hearing the aleph’s.
Nearly added a banana emoji, but that just seemed wrong😊

“Nearly added a banana emoji, but that just seemed wrong😊”

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Finally sourced one which arrived today.:+1:

Have had more high’ish end integrateds than most and having heard and borrowed Nicks on several occasions the Karan is the best I’ve experienced.

Extremely happy with it with my new (18 year old) speakers which are made by an even more hated manufacturer. :worried:


I said hated not despised.:wink:

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