Everyone here needs to seriously chill out. Honestly, it’s a bit weird to have a bunch of new people suddenly appear (or re-appear after a long absence) to start picking a fight over something so immensely trivial.


I like your post.

There is so much meh in this thread.


Time to self destruct and rebuild, the diseased are growing


I don’t believe your motivations are sincere. It looks like you’re still clinging to a lot of butthurt. Let it go and move on - we have.


My motivation was purely to see who is coming to Kegworth from the old in crowd and to say it is open to them to have AA members rooms in the future.

Per usual, low life appears from under the rocks and the thread is driven off topic, nothing new.




Perhaps allowing some time for things to cool down was wise on your part. But my advice did not concern your staying away. It was about the best way for newcomers or returnees to behave when they come back (or come here for the first time).

Have you seen this ?

I do my best to stick to it. The bits about not just jumping in but instead getting a feel of the place first and also about respecting the admins, who’ve worked with the rest of us to make this place the way it is, seem immediately relevant (again, just my two penn’orth though :slightly_smiling_face:).



Pull the other one. Your butthurt is showing :laughing:

We’re aware of the open invite, thanks. Some of AA are exhibiting (go check out their room), some are attending, some are not.


Just wasted my time watching that - thanks. I have learn’t nothing apart from my posts abide by that advice.


Then all I can hope is that it might not have sunk in yet. Be positive, look for the best in people, if you have to be critical then do it in a friendly gentle way and in time things will get better.

I have to start work now. See you tomorrow !



I’ve been to all but one of the Scalford shows (exhibited most years) and also exhibited last year @ Kegworth. For me, it just lacks the ethos of the earlier shows that I really enjoyed, and a lot people who I used to socialise with no longer go.

Kegworth has the potential, and I hope its a sucess but its just lacking something to get me really excited to go, not sure what, I can’t really put my finger on it.

I sort of miss the organised chaos, lunacy of the large systems and general variety of rooms/sytstem sizes. It used to be the first date on the calender for the year, this year I forgot it was happening in march and tried to organise a bake off on the same weekend! Doh!


MEIN GOTT a proper sensible post on topic.


Never do this, they are the biggest cunts of all


except for one or two who are the widest…:innocent:


I never start conflict, never have, and can prove it, but someone attacks me and they will get it back with interest.

If your intention was to encourage people from AA to visit and engage in the Kegworth event it’s not working. In fact It’s having the opposite effect on me.

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