There’s precious little snow here at Kegworth. Maybe an inch, maybe not. This is my view over the rear car park looking towards the M1. Roads clear and traffic flowing without hindrance



Just topping up a McD breakfast at Clifton en route…


Looks like a more modern hotel than Scalford, having a fire escape, for instance…


Is Dunce exhibiting?


What are they charging to get in?


And how much to get out?




Have you resorted to trolling Dunce on excel spreadsheets now? :joy:


Have been saving that, have no idea who did it :kissing: but it was about 3 months before anyone noticed that such a heinous crime had been committed and deleted it.


was hoping to pay a visit, but having lost a day yesterday undoing the mess my incompetent plumber created, I think I am better off refitting the basin.




Comic Sans was a masterstroke


Shame for all those people who bought advance tickets and now can’t make it due to snow.


It’s not rammed but it’s not empty…




He can have a pretty legit grumble at the weather, to be fair.

We had some ridiculously lucky escapes with the weather at Scalford. The worst was a bit of rain and a couple of nerds with their cars stuck in a ditch.


Hope all those exhibiting got their gear unloaded before that came down. Heavy Hifi and slippery ground :flushed:




Nearly every Scalford was sunny that i remember,very lucky


The first year I exhibited it came down in buckets from 11:00-4:00. Biblical torrents etc…

Then, it cleared beautifully to allow the car to be packed and us to make it to the curry house nicely dry. By the time we got back it was hammering down again.